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What Happens during the appointment?

     Groomer arrival, The van will pull up to your home or designated location, within the 30 minute arrival time window. The groomer will take a few minutes to make sure everything is ready for your pet. 

     There is no need for you to come out to the van unless you would like to see the inside, but due to insurance, we are unable to let you stay while the grooming is being done. The groomer will come to your door and take a few minutes to be sure we are doing the services you want and what is best for your pet.

     After check-in, your pet will be treated to a gentle, hands-on experience to assess coat condition, as well as any overt medical/behavioral concerns. Then it’s off to the bath for a relaxing hydro-massage with appropriate shampoo and conditioner selection. Ear cleaning is done during the bath and nail clipping directly afterward.
     Your pet will be hand dried and provided with ear protection. Then the magic happens. Your pet will be combed, brushed, along with the agreed upon styling. The process is all done with one on one attention. If you have more than 1 pet they will be done one after the other. We only take 1 pet at a time unless we have an assistant so that each pet gets the attention it deserves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should my pet be groomed?

     Most pets should be groomed every 6-8 weeks but it will depend on the pet and lifestyle, after your first appointment we will be happy to discuss what would be the best for you and your pet.



Do you express the anal glands?

     We can express the glands if you choose to do so, but we only do it externally while the vet usually does it internally so if there has been a problem in the past we recommend your veterinarian take care of if to ensure no problems.



What areas do you service?

     At this time we are servicing Pueblo and Pueblo West neighborhoods.


Why does Mobile grooming cost more?

     Mobile grooming is an added convenience for you and your pet, providing unique service, simplifying the grooming for you and your pet. 



Will, you come into my home and make a mess?

     No, all services are done in the van, containing any and all messes.



Do you use my water and power?

     No, the van is fully self-contained. I have power, water, heating, and air conditioning.



Do I have to be home for you to groom my pet?

     The first couple appointments I need someone home for us to discuss grooming with and for the pet to become comfortable with us. After we feel that we would be happy to groom when you are not present and make payment arrangements



Do you accept credit cards?

     Yes, are happy to accept credit cards, as well as cash. We do not accept checks.

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