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General Policy

Kurbside Klean K9 employs extensive safety and sanitary precautions to ensure your pets safety and health. Despite reasonable and prudent efforts, some pets may experience common side effects of the grooming process, including but not limited to: clipper burn, exposure of the quick, reactions to flea treatments and de-shedding dip treatments, hair splinters, and sharp nails (after clipping). By signing this agreement, you (the client) agree to relieve Kurbside Klean K9, and it's agents from any and all liabilities, and/or costs associated with any veterinary care, symptoms or discomfort of your pet related to or presenting after services rendered by Kurbside Klean K9. The pursuit of any veterinary, behavioral, or rehabilitational services, and the payment there of, is the sole responsibility of the pet owner. Additionally, you agree to relieve Kurbside Klean K9 and its agents from any and all liability associated with damages to person, pet, or property by or relating to services rendered or service equipment used by Kurbside Klean K9 and it's agents.

Anal Gland Policy

Anal glands are little sacs that sit right inside of dogs rectums, they’re designed to secrete really stinky material that contains pheromones. Emptying the anal sacs is considered to be a courtesy, but the downside is that pets were never meant to have those anal glands recurrently expressed. Kurbside Klean K-9 will not be expressing these glands unless specifically requested to do so and only at their discretion, if they feel it is unsafe it will not be done and will notify the client that the dog needs to be seen by the vet.

Attendance policy



Payment is expected at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. Services that have requested to be sent an invoice to be paid online will be expected to pay within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. Overdue invoices will be charged a $5 fee daily for up to 10 days, followed by legal action. Kurbside Klean K9 LLC will only allow 2 appointments paid late in 1 year, after the second late invoice you will be required to prepay for services 

-We accept cash, credit/debit. Sorry, no checks

Appointment confirmations will be required 48 hours in advance, if the appointment is not confirmed in the given time it will be canceled and subject to the cancellation fee of 50% of the total groom cost (all booked pets), to be paid via an emailed invoice to be paid within 24 hrs. Appointments that are confirmed and end up with no access for the dog to be groomed will be charged the full amount of the appointment. Kurbside Klean K9 LLC allows for 2 cancellations in 1 year. If this policy is broken the customer will be removed from the rotating calendar and moved to the wait list if requested. 

I understand that Kurbside Klean K-9 may take photos of my pet, before and after grooming, for their website and/or advertising.

If you understand and agree to these please click the paw to be forwarded to the new customer application.
Currently taking new customer applications
You can also call/text 719-415-9934.
Thank you 

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